Power Tables - a wildy successful networking event where we seat you at a small intimate table of 4-6 professionals. We curate each table with one objective: strong chances for synergy.

People who have attended our prior Power Tables lunches have been raving about their experiences and asking us when we are doing it again. September 12th it is!

How it works:

  • Complete your reservation on Eventbrite.
  • Let us know 3-5 ideal contacts for you (business owners, realtor, payroll company, etc...)
  • Join us for lunch on 9/12 we will seat you at a well thought out, highly beneficial table.

Why people love it:

  • This structure allows for people to network efficientsly with their only downside being lunch (and this restaurant is amazing so we are confident lunch will be a huge plus!)
  • There is additional opportunity in the room after lucnh where many people stay and linger to meet the other people in the room.
  • We are attracting high caliber, approachable professionals.
  • We are helping local restaurants attract new custiomers. You will never see us in a chain restaraunt (Sorry Applebee's!)

***There will also be a table for business cards, promotional items, brochures, etc...***

***Always remember the #1 commandment of networking - NO SELLING! We are a relationship focused organization.

$10 for members/1st time guests

$20 returning guests

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