Enjoy a tailor made networking table of 4-6 power professionals. We are doing the work for you so that you can enjoy the most efficient use of your time. Select a seat at one of our curated tables and once you register, you lock out other competitors. This new, exciting and incredibly valuable opportunity is just the latest of events designed by Elephant Networking:

*Select the table you want*

*Choose from a variety of niches or select our diversity option (great for those who like to network with everyone!)

*Show up on time (or early) and enjoy an incredible meal of your choice (so long limited menu!)

*Begin, nurture or cultivate relationships with others who are the best at what they do.*

*Conversation starters at every table.*

All participants are responsible for the cost of their lunch. We highly recommend splitting the check equally (this conveys a message of everyone being in it together!) Another option is cash. This ensures an easy exit as well in case you're pressed for time.

$10 secures your spot at the table. Lunch of your choice is purchased and paid for by all attendees at the event.


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